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Congratulations on your engagement.  As a photographer for weddings,  I have seen where the time for photos is either rushed or start times run late at the venue that is not ideal for lighting when the wedding is outdoors.  You should not be stressed out on your wedding day.  A stressful bride does not photograph well. 

When you look at your wedding day, you see it as the happiest day of your life.  Here is what happens sometimes.   You plan the day and then things get compressed due, to lack of time.  It only takes one thing to be behind schedule, then the rest of the day can be off schedule.  As a result, brides have asked me

'How long are these pictures going to take".


Now, If you ask that question, it can always depend.  How big is the wedding party?  How big are the families?  What is the location of the photos taken and can everyone show up at the time when the photos are taken?   What type of photos do you like with your new husband?  How many poses can we have done?  1 pose will not be enough for you and your husband.  Do we get to shoot with you and your husband at different locations that we have to walk to at the venue?   Do you wish to do a first look?  Do you wish to have a photo done of you in your dress that can be printed for your parents and displayed at the reception as your guests walk in?


I recommend you have a conversation with your photographer early in the process.  You won't remember your wedding unless there are photos of it.   Your venue is nicely decorated and you look your best.  Talk to your photographer early.  I have been asked a week before a wedding. I strongly recommend having conversations earlier than that.  The photographer should ask questions to help determine how long it will take for photos.  If the photographer does not bring up any of the things I mentioned then contact me.







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