Sedricbphotography: Blog en-us (C) Sedricbphotography (Sedricbphotography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Sedricbphotography: Blog 120 79 Using video as a photographer I'm starting to use more and more video in putting my final projects together.  I love photography but; I started doing video before photography.  I use to do the family reunion videos and make copies for a small fee for other family members.  When the VHS tape was the only game in town and there was no such thing as high definition or DVD, the VCR was king.  Today you have 4k video in Cell phones and High DEF is the minimum for watching TV.  Who wants to watch their favorite shows or movie in NON digital quality.  

Today I'm able to create videos in highdef and when I take my photography and combine it with video i'm liking my results more and more.  I have been slowly combining the two video and photography at various events and when I'm not working for someone but; my self I have free reign to do what I want.  BTS (Behind the scene) video is one thing I'm planing on doing more of.  There are so many other things that wish to do also.  Stay tuned.


Today I switched over to using a MAC.  I have been using a Windows PC for a while and I'm learning my way around it slowly.  The main reason I switched to MAC was my Windows computer was 8 years old and with 4k video I needed something that was more powerful and could handle 4k video.  The IMAC was the most value because the PC side did not have an all in one solution at the same cost.  So I'm now an official apple head now.   I still like Windows but; the MAC is meeting my needs right now.  The fact that the new IMACS are 5k make future proof of the hardware to last longer also.  720P, 1080i/p still offers good quality and Im still impressed when I see it on TV or the Internet.  I might get spoiled one day when I see enough 4k video but; I like that I have the resources to produce and edit 4k video now. I just need faster internet now to upload and download it now.  I think that is what is limiting the true use of 4k for taking off.


Here is an example of my first attempt at BTS


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2015 Atlanta Carribean parade I took my camera downtown to captures some action.



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DCtrip with 8thgrade class My sons class went to Washington DC and me and my wife joined him along with other adults.  Here is how it went.


Washington DC8th grade class trip to Washington DC.

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Engagementsession A fellow Classmate has got engaged.  I offered services and here is what happened.

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The Industry Project (ATL) I covered the Industry Project.  It's a trade show where music and fashion come together.  Take a look at the video below I did.


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